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Custom Glasswork with Houston Stained Glass

As a leading authority in church stained glass restoration, Stained Glass Houston carries a tradition of excellence that resonates nationwide. We appreciate the significant role of stained glass in sanctuaries, and we are dedicated to ensuring each piece we create or restore lasts for the next 80-100 years with proper care.

Our proficiency, however, extends beyond crafting and restoring exquisite stained glass windows. We bring valuable experience in facilitating dialogue with church committees, offering insights into consensus-building and fundraising initiatives for restoration projects.

At Stained Glass Houston, we offer more than a service; we provide a partnership. We’re committed to preserving your church’s heritage, supporting your community in achieving its restoration goals. Trust Stained Glass Houston to deliver quality, expertise, and dedication to every project.



See our images to see examples of the many types and patterns we provide.


Call us to arrange a free consultation so we can go through your alternatives and costs.


An expert designer from our team will craft a stunning piece of stained glass just for you and your vision.


Our team will start constructing the leaded stained glass that you have specifically planned. Pieces of colored glass must first be manually cut, painted, and put together before being secured with lead came.


We carefully and precisely install stained glass, guaranteeing that your new window will be lovely and useful for many years to come.


Repair & Restoration

If your stained glass window has fallen prey to hail damage, or time has left its indelible mark turning your once vibrant masterpiece into a rustic relic, Stained Glass Houston is here to assist. We offer a meticulous on-site inspection service, examining your stained glass in minute detail from every angle.

Additionally, we provide professional appraisal services (starting at $500), to accurately estimate the value of your historic church artwork. After assessing the current worth, we guide you towards the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions for repair and restoration.

Don't let time and nature erode the beauty of your sacred stained glass windows. Trust in Stained Glass Houston to restore their former glory and ensure they continue to inspire for generations to come.

Meet Martin Faith

As the heart and soul of Scottish Stained Glass, Martin Faith is a Scotsman with a profound appreciation for the artistry of stained glass and a dedication to sharing this beauty with Denver residents. Having guided the company for more than 20 years, Martin’s roots and ethos are firmly intertwined with our company’s identity.

A man of principle, Martin operates on a straightforward credo: “Deliver exactly what our clients envision, at a price they find reasonable — all while maintaining unrivaled customer service and superior quality in our products.”

With this guiding philosophy, Scottish Stained Glass has installed over 40,000 enchanting stained and leaded glass windows and doors, alongside skylights, transoms, hanging panels, and even bespoke family crests, each bearing our signature craftsmanship.

Our artistry has not only won the hearts of our clients but also the attention of the national media. We’ve been showcased on notable television stations such as CBS, NBC, and Fox Network, with repeat appearances on HGTV and the DIY Network. We’re honored by these recognitions, but for us, the real reward is the satisfaction of our clients and the opportunity to continue Martin’s legacy of spreading beauty, one stained glass piece at a time.

Stained Glass for Houston Homes

Stained glass windows are a stunning fusion of aesthetics and utility. Beyond their inherent beauty, they offer privacy, augment the design of your home – inside and out – and boost the resale value of your property. The cherry on top? Custom stained glass from our Austin-based studio can be designed to be a perfect fit in any part of your home. Envision the transformative impact of these elegant masterpieces in locations such as:
  • Bathrooms
  • Entryway
  • Sidelight
  • Transoms
  • Kitchen
  • Cabinets

Elevate your home’s aesthetic with the transformative beauty of stained glass from Stained Glass Austin. Whether you’re aiming to illuminate your entryway with a vibrant splash of color or craft a bathroom that harmoniously blends natural light and privacy, we provide bespoke solutions that will redefine your living spaces.

Stained glass panels from Stained Glass Austin don’t just add charm to your home – they also contribute to its value. Our panels bring an extraordinary transformation, converting ordinary rooms into radiant spaces that resonate with your unique style. The captivating designs and hues are a feast for the eyes, while the robust material ensures longevity. After all, the allure of stained glass is timeless.

At Stained Glass Austin, we believe in creating spaces you’ll fall in love with, and our wide-ranging selection of glass options can make that possible. Choose from a vast array of options including opalescent, streaked, picture-type, abstract, and geometric patterns, among many others. Whatever your preference, we can create a design that perfectly mirrors you and your home’s character. Embark on a journey of artistic transformation with Stained Glass Austin today.

sidelight stained glass houston

Stained Glass for Houston Commercial Properties

As a versatile art form, stained glass provides the ideal accent to Austin’s commercial landscapes. Integrating stained glass into your business premises not only illuminates and elevates the ambiance but also imparts a distinctive edge, setting you apart from the competition. Moreover, business proprietors in Austin appreciate the impressive return on investment that stained glass windows deliver. They serve as the perfect enhancement for a diverse range of commercial properties, such as:
  • Hotel & casino windows
  • Retail windows
  • Cruise ships
  • Spas & salons
  • Country clubs
  • Restaurant, bar, and pub windows

Stained glass windows are more than mere embellishments; they are a magnet that can draw customers to your business and leave a lasting impression. Imagine patrons choosing your restaurant specifically to dine amidst your breathtaking glass artwork, or clients willingly paying a premium to have a picture-perfect stained glass backdrop for their wedding or special event.

Whether you’ve dreamt of diversifying your business by renting out a newly spruced up room or you’re seeking an exquisite way to reflect your brand’s identity, our design team at Stained Glass Austin is here to turn your dreams into reality.

We offer an extensive range of services, from sophisticated signage and suspended stained glass panels to striking entryways and spellbinding ceilings. Our custom commercial glass windows will infuse your business with a unique and authentic look that sets you apart from the rest. Give your business the aesthetic edge it deserves with Stained Glass Austin.

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