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We are proud to be the trusted Dalle de Verre experts in Houston, with over 30 years of stained glass design and restoration experience. Whether you having existing Dalle Glass or are looking for someone who can create a unique composition for your building, we will be glad to assist.

Dalle de Verre is a captivating style of stained glass revered for its uncanny ability to capture and refract light. The individual pieces of glass are chiseled and faceted, which gives them the ability to refract light from multiple angles and produce a stunning aesthetic. Though the style originated in France in the 1930’s, it quickly made its way to the U.S. and by 1960, became highly popular. Today, there is a significant number of Dalle de Verre works in the South and Western regions of the country.

While Dalle de Verre is still appreciated for its unusual beauty today, the number of artisans who specialize in this technique is becoming quite limited. Houston Stained Glass is one of the few studios existing today that specializes in this highly intricate stained glass style.

Dalle Glass Repair & Restoration

It is not uncommon for Dalle Glass to need repairs once it reaches an age of fifty or sixty years old. Because of the way that Dalle Glass is made, any pressure or stress on the panels may cause complications. If the foundation shifts or the glass is exposed to extreme weather, pieces may crack or the epoxy mortar might start to crumble.

In this case, the best avenue for conservation is Dalle Glass restoration. Our Houston team will conduct an on-site assessment to determine what repairs are needed. Then, we will carefully remove sections of the composition one or two at a time for repairs.

Once back at our studio, the panels are taken apart. The glass is cleaned around the edges to remove any remaining epoxy mortar and sand. Then, the individual pieces of glass are arranged according to the original design and cemented in place once again using sand and epoxy. Once complete, the panel is reinserted and we move onto the next section.

Restoring Dalle Glass takes time, but we are confident that once you see how lovely it looks when it’s completed, you too will agree that it’s worth the investment.

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