Stained Glass Installation

All Scottish Stained Glass windows include installation. While there are various methods by which we can install your beautiful new glass, we generally prefer one of two methods. If the glass is going to be in a standard window, we often prefer to bond our product to the inside of your window. If the the glass is going to be in very wet areas of a bathroom or selected other areas of a home, we then prefer to sandwich our product between two panes of tempered glass.


Sandwiching our leaded glass between two panes of safety glass is necessary for some applications. Depending on the window type we also recommend sandwiching if your double paned window have grids that can be easily removed.

When working on new construction projects, compliance with local building codes is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Unbreakable safety glass is now become the standard for some residential and commercial applications. At Scottish we always work to stay up to date on building codes.


At Scottish, bonding is our preferred installation method for your new stained or leaded glass. We prefer to use this method for most applications because it is cost effective, quick, and allows us to add our beautiful product to your window without compromising the thermal efficiency of the window unit in any way. We can bond to single, double, or triple pane window, and our installation essentially becomes an additional pane. If your existing window has existing grids, our designers create the windows from the outset so that our lead lines cover any shadows and the installation appears seamless from the interior.

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Your stained glass designer is an expert at assessing which of these or other less common installation techniques are correct for your project. In many cases our installer will also visit your property before the construction process begins to take very precise measurements and confirm exactly how the installation will take place. If you have any questions about how stained glass might be installed on your particular building, please don’t hesitate to contact us.