Church Stained Glass Restoration

Church Stained Glass Repair & Restoration Services

Houston Stained Glass has been in business for nearly thirty years. During this time, we’ve worked on numerous stained glass windows belonging to churches in the Houston area. Our skill and experience makes us well qualified to perform even the most extensive restorations involving stained glass windows that are decades old. Providing this service is an honor and privilege for us, as well as our duty, because it allows us to give back to our community.

When you choose us, your Houston church’s stained glass restoration project will be in good hands. We’ll work with care and diligence to revive your aging stained glass and restore it back to its original condition. Once we’re finished, your windows will look more beautiful than ever before.

What Causes Stained Glass to Deteriorate?

Stained glass is an incredibly durable material but like most things, it will steadily decline. Pieces of glass may crack, chip or fall out. The wood frames and leading on stained glass can sag or bend under the weight of gravity and little by little, time will start to take its toll.

Another constant source of damage to stained glass church windows is the environment. Chemicals in the air, pollution and UV rays all degrade either the stained glass itself or its supporting lead and wood structures.

Because no stained glass window is impervious to breaking down over time, the stained glass on your church will eventually need to be restored or repaired. You may have noticed some early signs of aging on your church’s windows but don’t know what to do about it or if you should do anything.

The best thing to do is to have an expert come out and take a look at your church windows. This will let you know the extent of the damage and the scope of the repairs. It may actually not be time for a restoration but, if restoration is needed, it is best to do it before the damage progresses. Once the deterioration reaches a certain point, extremely high restoration costs could be a possibility or the window may be beyond repair.

What We Can Do to Help

Church stained glass restoration is a complex process. It often involves more than one person making decisions. Furthermore, it means entrusting your church’s prized stained glass to a craftsman for repair. Therefore, it is a delicate process in many ways.

Who you hire to do your restoration is very important and should be researched and weighed heavily. No one understands this better than we do at Houston Stained Glass. We have over 30 years of experience, 40,000+ windows to our credit, and numerous accolade. This makes us us arguably one of the leading stained glass companies not only in Texas, but in the entire United States.

Our Approach to Church Stained Glass Restoration

Our approach to church restoration projects in Houston is simple. We operate with extreme reverence for the history and beauty of each piece. For every project, we exercise respect for the congregation and setting in which the stained glass lives. When we work in these sacred spaces, we treat them as we would our own homes, using a loving, gentle touch.

We know all too well that the value of a church stained glass window is more than just monetary. Sentimental value is something that can never be replaced. For these reasons, we are always happy to evaluate your chapel’s stained glass windows while taking into account both their value and history.

Once the evaluation is complete, we will recommend a course of action to a church leader or committee. Our quotes include a thorough breakdown of scope and price of work, as well as, a timetable of repairs with all the details on what is needed to get your church stained glass windows restored to their original luster and beauty.

Work with Houston’s Stained Glass Restoration Experts

Since our company’s creation almost three decades ago, we have continually created and restored stained glass with techniques both new and old. We have worked with stained glass artwork for nearly every type of denomination and architecture: cathedrals, temples, mosques, synagogues, and more.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen have a deep understanding of the art of glassmaking. We know the intricate processes required to produce high quality results. And we use the most cutting-edge techniques to restore them precisely to their original depth and beauty.

As one of the country’s best, our company has been spotlighted in various media outlets such as HGTV, NBC, CBS, and the DIY Network. When you choose Houston Stained Glass for your church’s stained glass restoration, you are choosing the best artisans around for the job. You are truly selecting the highest quality services available for your church’s cherished stained glass and the difference will show.

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