Backlit Stained Glass

Trusted Backlit Stained Glass Services for Religious and Historic Properties

Houston Stained Glass is thrilled to offer backlit stained glass services available for any historic or religious property. Backlit stained glass is a great alternative to stained glass windows, allowing properties to create stunning, eye-catching works of art illuminated by LED lighting. Unlock creative opportunities for transforming restored antique glass, new custom stained glass panels, and more.

Custom LED Lighting Panels for Your Stained Glass

Our custom lighting panels are individually crafted for each project, meaning we can fabricate for any size or shape. This unique, proprietary service allows you to transform or create a stand-alone stained glass piece without the need for natural sunlight or window installation. Perfect for a variety of applications like visual marketing, custom signage, guest attraction, and more.

The Benefits of LED Lighting for Backlit Stained Glass

Our individually-crafted LED lighting panels deliver a host of benefits for your stained glass, including the following:

  • Available in single-color white, RGBW color, or tunable white lighting
  • Available in various amounts of lumens for custom brightness
  • Frameless look
  • Energy-conserving lighting with minimal heat output
  • Consistent illumination throughout
  • 8mm slim design lighting panel
  • 70,000 hour lifespan with patented heat sink
  • Flexible LED lighting panels available for unique stained glass

Work With Houston’s Number One Backlit Stained Glass Studio

We’re happy to walk you through the backlit stained glass process and show you all the various benefits this service has to offer. Work with our team to transform your stained glass and bring your vision to life. Contact us today for your free consultation!