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Antique Repairs and Restoration Houston

At Houston Stained Glass, we do more than just new windows; we also have the experience needed to restore and repair antique stained glass. We have ability to replace broken pieces, re-lead windows, and fully restoring pieces to their original beauty. In fact, we are often able to restore windows to be stronger than they originally were created, meaning that it will last for years to come!

We understand that the restoration process is a delicate one, and it’s important to work with a team that understands the process and glasswork as a whole extremely well. We’ve restored thousands of windows in our more than 20 years in business, and our expertise far surpasses many other studios in this area.

Restoring Antique Stained Glass

Many clients come to us with beautiful antique stained glass windows that have been passed down within their family, or that they simply have acquired and fell in love with over the years. Pieces that were created 75 or more years ago simply were not created with the same structure as they are today, so deterioration and lead problems are common. Here’s how we can help:

  • Softened, bending lead: If your piece has lead that has bent dramatically or even broken completely, we can re-lead the window to restore it completely, and sometimes add structural support for a longer-lasting window.
  • Broken glass: We have access to hundreds of colors and textures of glass, and we are typically able to match the glass in your antique piece. We can replace single panes of glass to restore your window.
  • Re-polishing: If your window is looking dull, or if the patina has worn off, we can re-polish it to make it look as good as new!

Our team of builders have restored thousands of windows salvaged directly from Scotland in addition to those pieces that clients have brought to us. Our experience far surpasses any other Houston studio for restoration.

Types of Stained Glass Damages and Repairs

Stained Glass Restoration due to Deterioration of Lead

Stained glass is a very durable material and the glass itself will not deteriorate over time. However, like any glass, it could crack and break. When stained glass fails it is usually the lead, which holds the individual pieces of glass together aging. Lead reacts with both air and moisture to oxidize and over time becomes brittle. Also, the weight of the glass can cause the lead and support structures to sag over time. This deterioration process takes about 60 to 120 years to happen so, usually by the time your glass needs restoration it has become an antique. Which means restoring and/or repairing your home or church vintage stained glass is well worth your time, money and effort.

Hail Damage to Stained Glass

While hail wreck havoc on stained glass windows it is not something that cannot be fixed. Should you get hail damage on your Houston church or home stained glass, we are a solid partner to help you with repairs.

Our process for hail damage on stained glass

  1. Remove the hail affected panels
  2. Match-up the glass
  3. Re-leaded the pieces together
  4. Clean the stained glass
  5. Re-install the stained glass window or panels

When we reinstall the repaired stained glass we also add an extra protective measure of less-breakable glass on the exterior of the window to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Wind Damage to Stained Glass

Vintage stained glass here in Houston is typically built into churches and some homes. If these windows are the originals they are usually not protected from the elements. What you may not realize is– the wind is one of the major causes of stained glass deterioration. First off because wind causes objects to strike and break stained glass but also because wind actually stretches the glass’s support structure. This makes the lead bow, giving a concave appearance to the stained glass. If left like this for long it will eventually lead to the stained glass on your Houston home or church falling out or cracking. Restoration is the best way to fix this issue. Our process involves removing the stained glass and restoring it. Either by flattening the glass or replacing the lead, With either process we keep the existing glass pieces.

Re-Leading to Restore Stained Glass

As mentioned above, the solution to most issues with stained glass windows is the lead. Re-leading is the process of removing old lead and replacing it with new caming. There are better leading techniques and materials these days, so this extends the life of your window even further. When we do this we also have a chance to remove each piece of original glass and give them a good cleaning! After this process is complete, the look of the stained glass window changes a lot. And for the better. The stained glass in your Houston home or church will look new with its original light and luster. If done correctly a stained glass restoration could last another 100-200 years before needing another round or restoration or repairs.

Stained Glass Repairs

If you’ve got a broken window that is not antique, we can help repair it as well! Life happens, and due to the nature of glasswork, sometimes homeowners run into breaks in their windows. No matter what the issue, we can always restore your window to be as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

Exterior Protective Coverings for Your Stained Glass

Exterior protective coverings are available for any religious or commercial property. Our premium aluminum framing systems deliver optimal defense against a variety of threats. These systems are similar to commercial storefront systems and can be installed on any type of building or material. Our systems can also house many different protective coverings including plexiglass, laminate, plate, and tempered glass.

Our aluminum framing systems are available in stunning finishes for a modernized exterior: dark bronze, white, metal finish, and custom colors. They have built-in ventilation offering adequate air flow so you don’t accelerate any deterioration to your stained glass. This provides a less labor-intensive solution as well since we no longer have to create ventilation through window frames or glass.

Another wonderful advantage of these systems is that they offer low maintenance needs. Since they protect your stained glass and window frames, you no longer have to paint them every couple of years. This permanent solution also allows you to easily pop out any damaged protective coverings and replace them in minutes.


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