League City

Beautiful Stained Glass Designs for Homes and Offices in League City TX

League City Texas is the home of the Bayou Wildlife Park, the Butler Longhorn Museum, and home of thousands of people who love to make their homes as beautiful as possible. And that’s where we come in.

We create custom designed stained glass doors for homes, offices, restaurants, shops, salons, theaters, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and any other League City TX commercial spaces. We also create beautiful religious stained glass art work in any size or shape for League City houses of worship.

Beautiful Custom Stained Glass

Each and every piece of stained glass we create is custom designed to our customer’s preferences and specifications. That means every homeowner can have stained glass windows that fit their tastes and their home’s décor or architecture. That means every business owner can have stained glass that fits their establishment and meets their goals for adding style, ambiance, and a high end look that their patrons will appreciate and remember. We urge commercial clients to think outside the box. Along with gorgeous stained glass windows, how about a stained glass backdrop for a bar? A stained glass skylight for a restaurant or shop? A stained glass ceiling for a hotel lobby?

When it comes to the churches in League City TX, each church can have the custom designs and images that they ask for, from traditional Old or New Testament scenes to modern symbols of faith, or anything in between. Our stained glass artists can create windows in any size or shape, from the most detailed to the simplest, as desired.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our custom stained glass process for League City TX windows or doors starts off with a design consultation. We come to your home, office, church. At this appointment, we can discuss your ideas, find out what you are looking for, and show you many photos, samples, and sketches of ideas that might work. Once you have narrowed it down to a specific choice, we can make a sketch to the proper scale and then return to our Houston studio to begin the work of constructing the stained glass.

Our stained glass artisans still cut each piece of glass by hand, following a blueprint we make for the stained glass window using CAD software. They cut each piece of lead and assemble the window or door panel, soldering the lead joints and polishing the piece till it gleams. At that point, one of our experienced installers will make an appointment to install the stained glass into your home, office, commercial space, or house of worship. With over twenty years of experienced and sixty thousand stained glass installations under our respective tool belts – not to mention numerous repair and restoration projects – we would love to be your stained glass experts.

Call Us Today To Schedule A Free Consultation

You will not find more beautiful, more inspiring, or better quality stained glass anywhere in League City or across the great state of Texas; we are absolutely sure. We hope you will contact us today to set up your initial design consultation or to ask any questions you might have.