Temple Stained Glass

At Custom Stained Glass Houston, we create unique designs for all sorts of religious institutions, including temple stained glass for Jewish temples and synagogues, LDS temples, and even Hindu temples across the country.

We are always honored to be trusted with creating the kind of beautiful stained glass that has made its mark on history, through the incredible religious stained glass that has inspired people around the globe for centuries.

When we create our custom designs, we work one on one with each temple to create stained glass with true meaning to that temple’s congregants. This can include a wide variety of religious icons and symbols as well as a nod to the history of this art form, by paying homage to the works of the great masters who came before us.

With temple stained glass, the designs can be traditional or modern, religious or secular, elaborately detailed or simple and bold. The windows can tell a particular story, set a mood, or just glorify the temple with their beauty.

Custom stained glass for LDS temples

Custom Stained Glass Houston by Scottish Stained Glass is one of the few manufacturers in the nation who is approved by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to make LDS temple stained glass. We find working on these projects to be deeply rewarding, partly because the LDS temples are ornate and magnificent down to the last detail. We appreciate their well-known attention to quality, aesthetics, and detail, because that is the way we build our stained glass.


Custom stained glass for Jewish temples

When it comes to stained glass windows, doors, ceilings, or other panels for Jewish temples, synagogues, shuls, we can create beautiful scenes from the Old Testament that stretch across several panels. Or something much more simple, such as one of the many symbols of Judaism. This might be a menorah, a six-pointed Star of David, a depiction of a menorah or Torah, or even something much less literal. Olive branches, doves, and symbols of the Holy Land are popular as are geometric or abstract designs that have no particular religious symbolism but add beauty and light to the temple’s sanctuary or other rooms.

Custom stained glass for Hindu temples

When we work with a Hindu temple, we can create scenes taken from Hindu scripture, featuring Hindu gods or mythology, or any symbols or designs that will enhance the temple in both aesthetics and inspirational value. We work with each temple’s budget, and no job is too big or too small.

For more information about custom designed and hand-crafted temple stained glass, please contact Custom Stained Glass Houston today. We would be honored to earn your business, and see the results of our collaboration gracing your temple windows for many generations to come.