What You Need to Know Before Your Houston Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

What You Need to Know Before Your Houston Church Begins Its Antique Stained Glass Restoration Process

Houston is well-known for its abundance of gorgeous, antique stained glass features that are housed throughout the numerous churches of many different denominations. Antique religious stained glass plays a crucial role in the worship process that may be underestimated. Many congregation members feel that these original stained glass windows offer historical and sentimental value. Antique stained glass needs to be restored periodically in order to maintain the antique value and ensure future generations can enjoy them as well.

Benefits of Restoring Antique Stained Glass in Your Houston Church

Antique stained glass restoration offers numerous benefits for any Houston church. Restoration returns stained glass back to its original condition offering eye-catching luminosity and vibrant colors. Proper restoration not only preserves the antique value of your stained glass, but it also improves overall property value. Stained glass restoration can actually add another hundred years back to the lifespan of your stained glass. Your congregation will appreciate having original religious stained glass pieces that will continue to inspire generations to come. Stained glass restoration ensures that original, historical pieces can remain apart of your church.

The Restoration Process for Antique Religious Stained Glass in Houston Churches

Houston Stained Glass begins the restoration process with an on-site assessment. This assessment analyzes the root causes of deterioration in order to create an individually-tailored restoration for your stained glass’ needs. We then carefully remove and transport them back to our repair studio for extensive repairs and restorations. Our stained glass artisans soak your stained glass for up to two weeks in a proprietary soap blend in order to remove all impurities that have been built up over the last century. We restore every damaged piece of glass in addition to creating a new lead came for superior support.

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