Stylish Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Houston Custom Home

Stylish Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Houston Custom Home

Like most people, your mind goes to churches and chapels when you imagine stained glass. But stained glass is actually much, much more. Especially in today’s modern era where stained glass in homes is being taken to the next level. That’s right, stained glass artists like us here at Houston Stained Glass are creating modern stained glass masterpieces for homes and commercial spaces like you have never seen before. It is a fantastic way to take your Houston home from ordinary to amazing–and make it totally your own in the process. While windows are primarily where we install stained glass you can use stained glass in various other “non-window” areas and it looks stunning! Plus there are endless colors and styles to choose from–which means that you get a truly custom masterpiece when you opt for stained glass. Keep reading to learn more about the types of stained glass that will make a huge visual impact in your Houston home and allow you to express your personal style in a very modern manner.

Stained Glass Panels

When we first started in stained glass over two decades ago, stained glass panels were usually given and marked occasions like weddings or pictured a family crest. That type of stained glass is still very much in demand but free-hanging stained glass panels as art or room dividers have begun coming into vogue as well. Modern and durable, stained glass panels can be hung nearly anywhere in your Houston custom home–on a wall or from the ceiling. They function as everything from a unique art piece to a small or large divider to an entire wall of stained glass and are incredibly striking.


Modern Stained Glass Cabinets

 Stained glass has very traditional roots but in today’s design era–it is being updated to fit readily with the times. This means stained glass in intriguing applications, one of which is stained glass on kitchen cabinets. That’s right, stained glass goes perfectly on cabinets because it provides a level of coverage for any clutter behind the glass while still giving a modern open cabinet feel to your Houston home’s kitchen. Perfect for design aesthetic from retro to modern, stained glass cabinets are a hot design addition for the new 2020 decade!

Stained Glass Lighting

Stained glass lamp shades are definitely a retro type of application but what’s old is new again and this ageless stained glass application is coming back in style. Need proof? A Tiffany stained glass lampshade recently sold at auction for over 3 million dollars! That means at over 80 years old stained glass lampshades are as valuable and relevant today as they ever were. We don’t expect you to go out and buy a rare and expensive Tiffany stained glass lamp shade but looking into a lovely, custom stained glass lighting fixtures is definitely something worth considering to customize your Houston home! 

For more information on custom stained glass creation in Houston be sure to reach out to us a Houston Stained Glass today!

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Houston Stained Glass. Martin has been cultivating his skills as a stained glass artisan for over 30 years, passing on his knowledge and expertise to his team so that, together, they can create the most beautiful stained glass windows the world has ever seen. Martin's initial education in the trade took place in Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capitol of the world. He is an expert in the history of stained glass, its evolution, methods for conservation, and its many different styles and forms, including art deco, prairie, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, mission, beveled, and contemporary. Over the years, Martin's company has produced thousands of stained glass windows, which includes custom creations made for homes, churches, and commercial buildings located all throughout the Houston metro area.

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