5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Houston Home

5 Stunning Bathroom Stained Glass Windows for Your Houston Home

Investing in your home can offer resounding benefits ranging from better curb appeal to improved property value. For those looking to achieve this for their home, a great place to start is the bathroom. The master bathroom can offer such a creative outlet when it comes to design. Enjoy a master retreat for soaking in the tub and getting away. One great thing to invest in is stained glass. Bathroom stained glass offers a bounty of benefits ranging from aesthetics to function. Here are five stunning bathroom stained glass windows for your Houston home.

Bathroom Stained Glass Investments for Houston Homes

HSG1 is a beautiful custom panel with traditional colorful stained glass. The elegant design offers both function and beauty by blocking all unwanted views. With an eye-catching contrast when compared to the white bathroom, this incredible one-of-a-kind piece is the perfect centerpiece for any bathroom.

HSG2 displays a Mission-style stained glass window that’s mostly leaded glass with some white and yellow glass throughout. The three matching panels offer a more simple, straightforward design but offers the same privacy benefits.

HSG3 shows how we’re able to create stained glass for any window shape. The arched glass offers beveled and leaded glass for full privacy that complements the existing bathroom design. We love how well it ties the entire bathroom together.

HSG4 is an elevated bathroom design that offers a more modern approach. The matching leaded diamond windows match the existing lines throughout the tiles of the shower and bathtub. Leaded glass is effective for achieving better privacy.

HSG5 provides a great solution for those with sliding windows. You can decide if you want one or both panels replaced with stained glass. This provides the opportunity of customizing your needs while keeping one panel optically clear.

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