Stained glass dividers can enhance the look of your Houston home.

Stained glass dividers can enhance the look of your Houston home.

Some Houston homes have short divider walls with space between the top of the wall and the ceiling. This space is picture perfect for stained glass. By adding stained glass to this area, you will end up with a beautiful stained glass divider wall that is sure to be a conversation piece.

The great thing about a stained glass divider is that it will still let the light flow from one room to the other, especially if you have the divider built with clear leaded, or frosted glass. Beveled glass is another phenomenal option as well.

Or, if you want to make an even more major decorative statement, go for a stained glass divider that presents bold colors, a picture, even a mural.

Some homes have what’s known as a “pass-through,” which is another outstanding location for a stained glass divider, especially if you never actually use this opening to pass through anything! Another great idea for a stained glass divider is in a standing divider.


Many of our Houston customers have large rooms with a portion sectioned off by a free standing divider or screen. If it has panels, stained glass can easily be installed in them, creating a gorgeous piece of art that can be even moved from room to room.

Where in your home do you have or need a divider? Where would you like to see a stained glass divider?

A friend’s home has one of those short walls dividing the toilet enclosure from the rest of the bathroom. She’s always hated it, because it doesn’t give her enough privacy. We added a stained glass divider in the open space, ensuring perfect privacy and an upgrade to the look of her bathroom. Our friend took the idea even further, adding matching stained glass to her glass shower enclosure. Why? That didn’t have enough privacy for her either, of course. And to really make the room unified, she added the same stained glass style to the bathroom window.

What can we say? It was a show stopper! An affordable, privacy saving, décor enhancing show stopper.

Most people only consider stained glass for windows. But it’s phenomenal in doors, in skylights, in lighting fixtures, in hanging panels, and in free standing and fixed stained glass dividers.
We find that our Houston customers have widely eclectic tastes. For your stained glass divider, are you imagining it with an Art Deco pattern? Perhaps a floral design? Or something in the Mission style that was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright? Whatever style of stained glass divider you’re looking for, our designers can create the pattern and our builders can assemble it, piece by piece.

Why not contact Houston Stained Glass today, to set up an in-home visit with one of our designers?

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Houston Stained Glass. Martin has been cultivating his skills as a stained glass artisan for over 30 years, passing on his knowledge and expertise to his team so that, together, they can create the most beautiful stained glass windows the world has ever seen. Martin's initial education in the trade took place in Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capitol of the world. He is an expert in the history of stained glass, its evolution, methods for conservation, and its many different styles and forms, including art deco, prairie, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, mission, beveled, and contemporary. Over the years, Martin's company has produced thousands of stained glass windows, which includes custom creations made for homes, churches, and commercial buildings located all throughout the Houston metro area.

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