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Illuminating Urban Artistry: The Impact of Backlit Stained Glass in Houston’s Architecture

The Resurgence of Backlit Stained Glass in Houston Amidst the urban landscape of Houston, a striking trend in architectural design has begun to illuminate the city's rich cultural spirit—backlit stained glass. This age-old art form is experiencing a vibrant renaissance, bridging Houston's historic roots with its modern architectural ambitions. However, despite...

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Creative Uses for Modern Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

Stained glass is making a comeback in contemporary home design. The colorful, textured beauty of modern stained glass elevates any Houston space. As homeowners embrace modern architecture and interiors, creative stained glass applications like windows, doors, wall art, and more add style, privacy, and value. (more…)

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Houston Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Houston residents agree that it is always a great time to invest more into their homes, increase curb appeal, and find a way to make their home stand out. Have you been looking for a quick, starter home renovation project to get your feet wet? Have you considered stained glass...

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Hail Damage Repairs for Residential and Church Stained Glass

Unfortunately, hailstorms have been quite frequent in the Houston metropolitan area this past season. And with these hailstorms come the reports of property damage, including damage to peoples’ prized stained glass windows or doors. When stained glass receives hail damage, it can be anything from a simple crack in a single piece of glass...