Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Houston Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Houston Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

Houston residents agree that it is always a great time to invest more into their homes, increase curb appeal, and find a way to make their home stand out. Have you been looking for a quick, starter home renovation project to get your feet wet? Have you considered stained glass but are ensure of proper placement? Here are our top five favorite places to install stained glass in any Houston home! We hope to inspire your next home renovation!

1. Leaded Glass Office Doors

Leaded glass office doors offer a tasteful privacy solution that still maintains that open feel to your Houston home.  With endless design and color options, stained glass enables Houston residents full creative direction.

2. Stairway Stained Glass Windows

Stairway windows are often overlooked in any home in terms of aesthetics. Usually located in hard to reach places, curtains or window coverings aren’t ideal and tend to look tacky. Stained glass is a wonderful option that provides a effective privacy solution while still allowing lots of natural sunlight into your stairway.

3. Light Control Kitchen Stained Glass Windows

If you’re looking for a multi-functional privacy, light control, aesthetically pleasing solution for your Houston kitchen, stained glass is for you! We can custom design anything you’d like to feature in any color or style that fits your home.

4. Leaded Glass Cabinet Doors

Leaded glass can really add a timeless, elegant look to any cabinet doors in your home. Whether you’d like to remodel your kitchen, family room, home bar area, and more, leaded glass allows you to feature your artwork, dining sets, wine glasses, etc. in a tasteful way.

5. Basement Window Well Stained Glass Windows

Basement window wells are often another overlooked part of any Houston home. Window wells can offer some of the worst views in any home and many times tacky curtains can make it worse. Stained glass offers privacy and aesthetics much needed in basement window wells.

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