Custom stained glass window designs

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Custom stained glass window designs

Are you looking for a brand new, custom designed, hand crafted and utterly gorgeous stained glass window, Houston? Or should we say windows, plural?

At Houston Stained Glass, that is exactly what we create. Our designs are always custom for each client. This way, we ensure that easy client is happy, each client has the style, pattern, and types of glass they want, and each client will be loving their stained glass windows for a long time to come.

When it comes to a custom designed stained glass window, Houston customers usually know their own style and what they are looking for. Sometimes they have already looked either online or in a big box store but failed to find the perfect stained glass designs. They have their own ideas. This is where we come in. With our process for designing a stained glass window, Houston customers are fully involved.

Here’s how our custom design process works for a stained glass window in Houston or any of the surrounding areas, towns, suburbs:


1. We meet with you in the comfort of your own home or office (or church, since we do residential, commercial, and religious custom stained glass designs.) Simply contact us for an appointment and we will send one of our local Houston designers right to your door.

2. Our designer will take a look at the space the windows will be installed, get the exact measurements for the window (or door panel), and take note of your style, your décor, your architecture, your building’s era and period. All these things can figure into the custom design process, to create the absolute perfect and most complementary design for a stained glass window in Houston homes, offices, or any other space. As a for instance, if you live in an old Victorian or Craftsman Cottage, you might want stained glass that is a completely different style than what someone in one of Houston’s modern steel and glass high rises might choose.

3. Together, you and the designer will look at photos and samples of various styles, patterns, and designs. If you find something you love in the patterns we already have available, we will custom design it to fit your windows in the colors or types of glass you prefer. But if you have your own ideas, or if you see something that sparks a whole new idea, our designer will work with you. Create a sketch. Refine until perfect!

4. Back in our studio, the work commences. We use CAD software to create the perfectly sized pattern. Then the stained glass window, Houston residents are always pleased to hear, will be assigned to one local master stained glass artisan for building.

To find out more about commissioning a custom designed stained glass window, Houston or across the state of Texas, we hope you will contact us today.

Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Houston Stained Glass. Martin has been cultivating his skills as a stained glass artisan for over 30 years, passing on his knowledge and expertise to his team so that, together, they can create the most beautiful stained glass windows the world has ever seen. Martin's initial education in the trade took place in Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capitol of the world. He is an expert in the history of stained glass, its evolution, methods for conservation, and its many different styles and forms, including art deco, prairie, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, mission, beveled, and contemporary. Over the years, Martin's company has produced thousands of stained glass windows, which includes custom creations made for homes, churches, and commercial buildings located all throughout the Houston metro area.

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