Do You Need Special Equipment for Painted Glass?

Do You Need Special Equipment for Painted Glass?

Only a few stained glass studios specialize in painted glass. It takes true artistic skill to be able to execute this type of painting. For clients interested in painted glass or incorporating painted glass into their stained glass design, it is important to find the right stained glass studio. Clients also may be curious about the process and special equipment needed for this technique. Painted glass requires both artistry and the right equipment in order to properly execute.

The Painted Glass Process and Required Equipment for Houston Properties

Painted glass requires a kiln and special paint. Each layer of paint needs to be fired in order to maintain longevity. Glass paint is different than other paint types, offering better adhesion to glass. Our artists begin the process by getting reference points and collaborating with you on what you’re looking for. After this discussion, our stained glass artisan will make hand sketches of your design for your approval. When you’ve found the right sketch and approve it, we’ll start the painting process. We achieve significant levels of detail with eight to ten layers of paint. Each layer is fired in the kiln, requiring careful transport back and forth. Once complete, your painted glass panel is either ready for installation or can be utilized for a hanging or floating panel.

Work with Houston’s Leading Source for Painted Glass

Houston Stained Glass is honored to be the leading source for painted glass in the Texas area. Our team of stained glass artisans is happy to help you create the painted glass masterpiece that you’re looking for. We can sit down with you to hand sketch all your ideas and show you our portfolio of painted glass windows and panels.

For more information regarding the painted glass process for your Houston property, please contact us!

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