Stained Glass in your shower window can complete your bathroom.

Stained Glass in your shower window can complete your bathroom.

Do you have a window near the shower in your bathroom? If you do, you might consider installing stained glass in this window to complete the decor in your bathroom. Imagine how beautiful it would look with the sun shining through it, lighting up the bathroom. For an extra added effect, the use of beveled glass in the pattern would allow the sun to create prisms of color dancing through the room, giving a rainbow effect.

Are you laughing and shaking your head right about now, wondering why you would ever want bathroom stained glass? Then you’d probably be shocked to hear that it’s one of our clients’ most popular choices.

There are several reasons for this. One is that bathroom windows are great for air flow, for letting moisture buildup out of the room, and letting sunlight in. But at the same time, they might not be so good for privacy. Bathroom stained glass allows you to have more privacy, while still letting the light shine through. And of course, if your bathroom window was functional before, it will still be functional after the addition of a stained glass panel, so you will still get the breeze any time you want it.

Another reason bathroom stained glass is so popular is it lends a class and elegance to a room that doesn’t usually have much of it! If you are big on décor and have spent a lot of time and money furnishing your home, you will love the look you’ll get with bathroom stained glass.

Want to take it one step further? If you have a glass shower enclosure, consider matching the bathroom stained glass in both your bathroom window and the shower glass too. Are you starting to get the picture?

bathroom scottish stained glass

Many Houston homes have a bay window behind the tub in the master bath, providing another amazing place to add a custom stained glass design from Houston Stained Glass. We’ve even installed stained glass in bathroom skylights.

What can we say? Wherever you choose to place it, stained glass will transform the look of your bathroom. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of the many bathroom stained glass designs we have already completed for other customers’ homes.

What’s the status of your bathrooms right now? Do they have plain old, same old windows? Have you been wondering how to give your master bath more pizazz? Do you have a small bathroom somewhere with a window facing a neighbor’s home, or even worse, the street?

Where would you put bathroom stained glass? What sort of pattern would you choose? Would you like colors, a clear frosted or textured design, or a combination of clear glass and colored glass?

Please contact Houston Stained Glass today for a no-cost, in-home consultation with one of our stained glass designers!

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