Stained glass restoration for your treasured stained glass.

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Stained glass restoration for your treasured stained glass.

Stained glass has been built and installed in homes, churches, businesses, and municipal buildings for many years. Some residential stained glass has been passed on from generation to generation as family heirlooms for generations. These stained glass pieces, over time, can become dirty and worn out looking. They can lose their original glow and luster. Although glass will not usually fade, a layer of grime and age can make them appear cloudy or dull, simply not as vibrant and eye catching as they once were.

Stained glass restoration and repair might be necessary for other reasons as well. Your panel might have glass that is chipped, cracked, or missing entirely. The leaded strips that hold the entire piece together might be overly oxidized, bent, or cracked. They might even have stretched over time, making all the glass loose inside the lead caming strips.

Houston Stained Glass can make these pieces look like new again through stained glass restoration. The first step is to evaluate exactly what the piece needs. If there are any chips or cracks or missing bits of glass or lead that need to be completely replaced, we will remove the window form your home and take it back to our studio. We will disassemble as much of it as we have to. Sometimes this is just a section where the damaged bits are. Sometimes we have to take the entire piece apart. Then, we will replace the damaged parts, clean and polish every single piece of glass, and add new lead caming using special dark leads that will keep your window’s original character and feel.

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When the entire piece has been reassembled and soldered back into sturdy shape, we will do the next important stained glass restoration step: we’ll give the entire thing a polishing that will allow it to glow when the sun shines through it. And last but not least, we will professionally reinstall the panel back into the window it came from. And your heirloom or antique stained glass window will look as good as new.

Here at Houston Stained Glass, we take stained glass restoration very seriously. We honor the master craftsmen who came before us and seek to preserve and restore their beautiful work. And it is possible in almost every single case!

If you have a window, door panel, or light in need of stained glass restoration, we hope you will contact Houston Stained Glass today. We can answer any questions or make an appointment for us to evaluate the stained glass window and give you a quote for its restoration.

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