Custom Stained Glass for your garage door windows.

Custom Stained Glass for your garage door windows.

There’s a new trend on the custom stained glass horizon and we think it’s pretty exciting! It is the addition of custom stained glass garage door window inserts.

Lately, we’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous homes that were so unified in design, the beauty even extended to their glowing frosted garage door inserts. These doors were done in the same style as the windows on the houses, with a grid making up many smaller panes of glass.
They look absolutely stunning and really pull together the look of the exterior of the house. Now, let’s take that one step farther.

As you probably know, custom stained glass can be built into just about any window. So imagine if you already have stained glass in your home’s entryway – perhaps the sidelights, the front door, maybe even a half-moon shaped transom window over the front door. Imagine keeping your homes style consistent and carrying this stained glass motif through various other areas of your home, even the garage.

Imagine pulling up to your garage doors and seeing stained glass in the windows reflective of the style in the rest of your home. Many Houston garage doors already have small window inserts where the custom stained glass can be inserted, but if they don’t, we can build them.


Garage doors are usually ignored when it comes to decorating, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s time to add this feature into your overall design sensibility, into the overall aesthetics of your house, and make your garage doors as gorgeous as the rest of your home.
Lovely landscaping, lush lawns, beautiful flower beds, a magnificent home, and custom stained glass garage windows?

We have to warn you, this just might take your entire exterior to a whole new level. The addition of stained glass windows in any area of your home gives a truly luxe look, but adding them to the garage doors might just give your home the look of a millionaire’s mansion.

And if you already have a millionaire’s mansion, then what are you waiting for? Nothing says class, sophistication, and great taste in Houston like stained glass, wherever you choose to add it. And nothing says no holds barred, let’s go the extra mile, like custom stained glass garage window inserts.

We keep emphasizing custom because when you work with Houston Stained Glass, every piece we create is custom designed to your order, and hand assembled using the finest available materials. Sound good? Why not contact us to discuss your new stained glass pieces today! We will send one of our highly experienced designers right to your home, with more photos, samples, and inspiration than you’ll know what to do with

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