Floral Style Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Floral Style Stained Glass for Your Houston Home

Among Houston’s consistently changing residential landscape, there are still many traditional Victorian homes and Craftsman style bungalows. Even in some of the more urbanized communities in Houston, there are still touches of eclectic architecture. The traditional look of floral stained glass is a great addition to any Houston home!

Design Process of Floral Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

Our portfolio features hundreds of traditional floral stained glass, mostly custom pieces that are really a unique collection of their own. Our signature morning glories have become quite popular for their vivid colors yet simple and elegant design. Some other regional favorites are our Columbines and Indian Paintbrushes. For our Scottish clients, Thistles and the Glasgow rose have been custom incorporated as well. Why not embrace that Texas heritage and custom design Bluebonnets to really show your Houston pride?

With endless color, design, and texture options, our experienced team of local glass artisans can help you piece together the perfect floral stained glass additions for your Houston home!

Benefits of Floral Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

Along with the beautiful, elegant look floral stained glass offers, it can double in functionality with a wonderful privacy factor. If privacy is an issue you’d like to address with your custom stained glass, our stained glass experts can help you pick out the right glass to block out all unwanted views from outside your home. Depending on the placement of your floral stained glass in your Houston home, privacy can definitely be a significant factor in your design process.

Another factor to think about when designing your floral stained glass is if you’d like to block out some of that harsh Texas sunlight or you’d like to let that beautiful, natural sunlight into your Houston home. Our stained glass experts can definitely tailor your floral stained glass to do either.

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