Stained Glass Design & Styles

Houston kitchen with vibrant cabinet stained glass inserts

Elevating Houston Kitchens: The Art and Function of Stained Glass Cabinetry

Transforming Mundane Kitchens into Centers of Art and Light In the heart of Houston, a growing number of homeowners find themselves facing a rather understated, yet impactful, challenge in their kitchens. It's not about the latest appliances or the most advanced technology, this concern revolves around aesthetics and functionality blending seamlessly...

Kitchen stained glass window, vibrant colors, modern Houston home interior

Houston Kitchen Stained Glass: Merging Art with Functionality in Home Design

Kitchen Stained Glass - Transforming Houston Homes In Houston's fast-evolving architectural landscape, homeowners often seek unique elements that blend both function and art. Kitchen stained glass in Houston offers just that—a versatile solution that enriches your kitchen's aesthetics while embodying practical attributes. This exquisite decor choice doesn't just stand out for...

Antique transom stained glass featuring intricate designs in an old Houston home

Challenges and Preservation of Transom Stained Glass in Houston

The Delicate Craft of Transom Stained Glass Restoration in Houston In the vibrant city of Houston, a unique cultural asset decorates many of its historic homes and buildings: transom stained glass. These luminous pieces not only enhance architectural beauty but also carry significant historical value. However, despite their aesthetic and cultural...

Modern Houston loft with custom stained glass window featuring local motifs

The Art and Soul of Houston: Embracing Stained Glass Design in Modern Homes

Exploring the Charm and Significance of Stained Glass Design in Houston In vibrant Houston, where culture and artistry beautifully intersect, there's an overshadowed gem in home décor that deserves a spotlight—stained glass design. Although prevalent in many historical and religious establishments throughout the city, the application of stained glass in private...

Houston cathedral interior with deteriorating Tiffany style stained glass windows

Cathedral Stained Glass: Preserving Houston’s Artistic and Spiritual Heritage

Cathedral Stained Glass - The Elegance of Houston History In the heart of Houston, amidst its modern skyscrapers and vibrant culture, lies an element of grandeur that beckons to both the aesthetic enthusiast and the spiritual seeker alike. Cathedral stained glass in Houston offers more than just a window into the...

Antique temple in Houston with restored stained glass windows

Preserving Houston’s Heritage: The Art and Soul of Temple Stained Glass Restoration

Temple Stained Glass Restoration in Houston - Your Artistic Savior In the heart of Houston, where history and culture blend seamlessly with modern life, the preservation of antique temple stained glass holds a special place. These vibrant artworks are not merely windows but narrators of timeless tales and devout beliefs. Here...

modern stained glass houston

Creative Uses for Modern Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

Stained glass is making a comeback in contemporary home design. The colorful, textured beauty of modern stained glass elevates any Houston space. As homeowners embrace modern architecture and interiors, creative stained glass applications like windows, doors, wall art, and more add style, privacy, and value. (more…)

Should I Repair My Victorian Stained Glass Windows or Get New Ones?

Stained glass needs repair or restoration about every 80-100 years and the Victorian period was over 100 years ago.  This means for homes of this style with stained glass windows--restoration is overdue.  Many Houston homeowners come to us wondering if their stained glass is worth repairing.  We almost always encourage them...