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Creative Uses for Modern Stained Glass in Your Houston Home

Stained glass is making a comeback in contemporary home design. The colorful, textured beauty of modern stained glass elevates any Houston space. As homeowners embrace modern architecture and interiors, creative stained glass applications like windows, doors, wall art, and more add style, privacy, and value. (more…)

Should I Repair My Victorian Stained Glass Windows or Get New Ones?

Stained glass needs repair or restoration about every 80-100 years and the Victorian period was over 100 years ago.  This means for homes of this style with stained glass windows--restoration is overdue.  Many Houston homeowners come to us wondering if their stained glass is worth repairing.  We almost always encourage them...

Trend Alert: Mackintosh Inspired Stained Glass For Houston Homes

Will Mackintosh Inspired Stained Glass Work With The Design Of Your Houston Home? Mackintosh stained glass has been re-emerging in the 21st century and it is no mystery as to why-- it is fabulous! At Houston Stained Glass Houston we are getting more questions each day about this trendsetting Scottish artisan...

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Update Your Houston Craftsman Style Home with Frank Lloyd Wright Style Stained Glass

Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass can make a beautiful addition to Houston’s craftsman homes? Frank Lloyd Wright style stained glass, also referred to prairie stained glass, first found its origin in craftsman homes. Prairie style stained glass was one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most important...