Stained Glass Options for Houston Homes: Traditional, Leaded, or Beveled?

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Stained Glass Options for Houston Homes: Traditional, Leaded, or Beveled?

Up until their consultation, many of our customers are unaware of the different stained glass options available to them. Most people assume that all stained glass windows have color, but this is not true. While this may have been the case long ago, there are now many different styles of stained glass that you can choose for your Houston home.

Usually, these styles can be broken down into one of three categories: traditional, leaded, or beveled glass. Below, we’ve discussed the differences between each type. That way, when the time comes for you to choose a style for your home, you’ll have a better understanding of the different options available to you.

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Stained, Leaded & Beveled Glass: What’s the Difference?

Glassmaking has been practiced by humankind for centuries. Since it was first used by the Egyptians to make colored beads for jewelry, stained glass has evolved greatly as an art form over the years. Today, there are many different styles of stained glass, each of which offer their own unique beauty. Generally speaking, these different styles can be broken down into three categories: stained glass, beveled glass, and leaded glass.

  • Stained glass (traditional): Traditional stained glass windows are made with colored pieces of glass held together by lead caming. Sometimes, paint is added over the glass to create decorative designs, landscapes, or portraits. This is referred to as “painted glass.”
  • Leaded glass: Technically, all stained glass windows are leaded glass. “Leaded glass” refers to the lead caming which holds the glass pieces together. However, more often than not, this term is used to describe leaded glass windows which are colorless and contain only clear glass.
  • Beveled glass: Beveled glass windows are leaded glass windows that are decorated by bevel clusters. These clusters of glass are made from curved pieces that are carved out with a beveled edge. The combination of textured glass and beveled glass creates a beautiful contrast and a modern look.

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Which Option Is Best for My Home?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all comes down to your individual tastes and preferences. However, we do encourage homeowners to consider their home’s architectural style and décor when making a selection. You want your stained glass to complement its surroundings so that it adds to the beauty of your home.


Find the Perfect Style of Stained Glass for your Houston Home

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Martin Faith is the founder and owner of Houston Stained Glass. Martin has been cultivating his skills as a stained glass artisan for over 30 years, passing on his knowledge and expertise to his team so that, together, they can create the most beautiful stained glass windows the world has ever seen. Martin's initial education in the trade took place in Glasgow, Scotland, the stained glass capitol of the world. He is an expert in the history of stained glass, its evolution, methods for conservation, and its many different styles and forms, including art deco, prairie, Greene & Greene, art nouveau, Mackintosh, floral, mission, beveled, and contemporary. Over the years, Martin's company has produced thousands of stained glass windows, which includes custom creations made for homes, churches, and commercial buildings located all throughout the Houston metro area.

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