What Is Leaded Glass?

What Is Leaded Glass?

It can be really exciting when it comes to the creative process for designing your own custom stained glass. For homeowners and business owners, the first step is understanding all the different glass styles and types that are available. This can help you make the most informed decision regarding your investment. One of the more popular styles of stained glass is leaded glass. So, what is leaded glass anyway?

The Benefits of Leaded Glass for Your Houston Property

Leaded glass is a term that is often used interchangeably with stained glass. However, most use the term leaded glass to describe stained glass design that’s absent from color. Leaded glass can refer to any textured clear glass, offering numerous design options. Leaded glass is really popular among homeowners because it acts as an effective privacy solution. By blocking unwanted views, leaded glass is a great addition to bathrooms, entryways, and any area that requires more seclusion. The great thing about leaded glass is that it blocks unwanted views without sacrificing natural sunlight. Improve natural sunlight, privacy, and decor with an all-in-one solution. Leaded glass can be combined with traditional, colorful glass options for pops of color and visual interest. There are so many different textures available that great detail can actually be achieved through this medium.

Work with Houston’s Leading Leaded Glass Studio

Houston Stained Glass is honored to be the leading leaded glass studio serving the Texas area. We’ve created countless leaded glass designs for homes, businesses, and churches. With the most comprehensive inventory of leaded glass available, we can help you create the perfect privacy solution. Leaded glass is highly versatile so it can complement virtually any existing architecture or home decor.

For more information regarding our custom leaded glass design opportunities for your Houston property, please contact us!

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