Privacy Stained Glass for those Hard to Cover Hallway Windows

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Privacy Stained Glass for those Hard to Cover Hallway Windows

Tired of trying to figure out how to cover the hallway windows in your home? Privacy stained glass offers the perfect solution. In fact, if you take a look around, you’ll see that many homeowners in Houston prefer stained glass instead of traditional window coverings. And there’s good reason why. Not only does stained glass look beautiful, but it’s perfect for creating a barrier between you and your neighbors without sacrificing natural light.

Privacy Matters. Period.

Nowadays it seems like homes are being built closer and closer together. And as the city of Houston continues to grow, the demand for space becomes higher. For many homeowners the lack of space between houses creates a feeling of uneasiness. After all, no one really wants for their neighbor to be able to see straight into their house.

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Privacy Stained Glass Lights Up Houston Homes

That’s why privacy stained glass can be the perfect solution for your Houston home. It’s great for covering those hallway windows that you don’t want to block completely with blinds or shades. With stained glass, you can still enjoy the beautiful Texas sun without having to worry about your neighbors seeing you in your pajamas.

Security & Peace of Mind

Not only can stained glass save you the embarrassment of being caught in a less than presentable state, but it can also provide security for your home and family. Stained glass conceals the inside of your home, furniture, and personal belongings. Think about it this way: it’s much more tempting for a thief to break into a home when they know there’s something valuable inside.

Speak to a Designer

Get started on your home renovations today. Contact Houston Stained Glass to talk to a designer about privacy stained glass for the hallway windows or entryway of your Houston home.

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